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Dec 25, 2012 6:00am PST
child. - thank you. - thank you. gracias por su ayuda. >> a kansas teen has turned his front lawn into a fantastic christmas light show. michael schwanke shows us the hard work that goes into creating this elaborate display. >> this is what this boy who lives for. i really enjoyed this, since i was 7 years old. each year, the goal is to get bigger, more white lights.. he is only 13 years old when he was 7 years old, he started with his room and know, this is what it has developed and evolved now. what else can you say? >> it is cool. >> this 13 year old is going beyond a few extension cords. fleshethere is special software, and even passerby's will be able to enjoy turning into a fm station to lea and listen, synchronous silly. >> i am pretty sure that he is going to be a clark griswold in the making if he is already putting this to music. they will be able to listen to this synchronous o synchronous c. >> 6:42 we will be back with more in a few moments. this live look at this approach >> welcome back it is 6:45. let us get a check of your forecast. anny? >> the shasta county mountains
Dec 18, 2012 6:00am PST
can help a foster child. - thank you. - thank you. gracias por su ayuda. thank you. >> up we are hearing more stories of courage and heroism. on friday morning before anyone knew what happened he discovered six terrified children and a school bus driver on his front lawn. rose and invited them into his home and describe what happened next. >> they just start talking. the two boys mostly talk. they said we can't go back to that school. we can't go and. our teacher is dead, what are we going to do we don't have a teacher. i could not take that and, i could not accept that. i just listen to them. the boys said it was a big data in a small gun. then they said there was blood, i knew. they said her name and i prayed that it wasn't that teacher and it was. >> the teacher the children were talking about was victorious out of. she shooter students and corner room to get away from the gunfire. those kids somehow got away and were able to get to rows of home. he gave them jews in some of his grandson's toys to comfort them and then called their parents. >> we're looking at very chilly cond
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2